Think inside the box

Build a sixer and you’ll be more than set for meal planning, impromptu get-togethers and whatever else comes your way.


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Organic. Delish. Souperb. Sippability.
Calling All Freaks: Join us.

We’re into ultra-organic foods. Extra-amazing flavors. And positive
people who can’t resist any chance to make, cook and create.

Freak Flag Organics exists so that cooking can be a revelatory experience.
An experiment. An expression of you. So get creative.
Get cooking. And get your freak on.

Organic Bone Broths

Come for the nutrient-rich broth. Stay for the
hell-yeah, crazy-good flavors. Use as a soup
base, sip ’em solo, and shortcut to sensational.

Organic Pestos

V is for victory. And vegan recipes. And vegan victories, like these
no-nut, no-dairy, no-sacrifice pestos that still bring all the flavor.

Organic Condiments

True freaks of nature, with organic ingredients
and globally inspired flavors.

Time for the freak show: What’s for dinner?

Taking a snap of your freaked-out food?
Tag @freakflagorganics and fly your freak for all to see.