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Build a sixer and you’ll be more than set for meal planning, impromptu get-togethers and whatever else comes your way.


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The Freak of the Week

Ian Silver-Ramp

Meet Ian Silver-Ramp, Mushroom Freak. He’s the founder of Mississippi Mushrooms and a real fungi (sorry, couldn’t resist), growing mushrooms in an unused terminal warehouse on the shores of the Mighty Mississip’.


Freak Origins:

“I started foraging for mushrooms in college, and realized that growing them could be just as fun.”

Freaky Secret:

“I honestly love dulcimer music. Especially on road trips. Please don’t tell anyone.”


Freak Eatin’ Tip:

“Just sauté your mushrooms in butter and add a scoop of Beet Ketchup. Throw it on toast and you’re done.”