How to Freak Up Your Food


Smear it.


Spread it.


Top it off.


Do the dollop.


Dip right in.

Completely Freak Out
One, Two, Freak! Whatever you make, make it yours.

Ready to Show Off a Little?

Get a quick meal on the table and into your belly with simple chef-created dishes,
including earth-friendly recipes and gotta-try hacks for reinventing ready-made stuff.

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Taco Snap

Get in your crunches.

Grilled Cheese/TP

Which tastes better: Sliced diagonal vs. rectangle?

Pesto Pasta

The pesto that’s the besto: swirl and serve.

Snack Dunkin’

You’re in. You’re out. Delicious, done.

Bloody Mary

Spice it. Spice it good.

Shrimp Cocktail

If it comes from the sea, get it in thee.