Think inside the box

Build a sixer and you’ll be more than set for meal planning, impromptu get-togethers and whatever else comes your way.


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How to Freak Up Your Food


Smear it.


Spread it.


Top it off.


Do the dollop.


Dip right in.

Completely Freak Out

Ready to Show Off a Little?

Get a quick meal on the table and into your belly with simple chef-created dishes,
including easy vegan recipes and gotta-try hacks for reinventing ready-made stuff.

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Taco Snap

Get in your crunches.

Grilled Cheese/TP

Which tastes better: Sliced diagonal vs. rectangle?

Pesto Pasta

The pesto that’s the besto: swirl and serve.

Snack Dunkin’

You’re in. You’re out. Delicious, done.

Bloody Mary

Spice it. Spice it good.

Shrimp Cocktail

If it comes from the sea, get it in thee.