Organic Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth

Organic Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth

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Organic Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth

Organic Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth

As bold and glorious as a Southwestern sunset, flavored with garlic, cumin and more for some spicy goodness. Just right as a zippy sipping broth or use it as a kick-start for soup or to flavor a dish. Go on, get creative and get cookin' with this one.

What's that, you noticed we look at little different? It's our new recyclable box! Easy to open, easy to love. Just make sure to pour the broth into a cooking safe container because this box is not microwaveable.

Product: Organic Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth


water, chicken bone broth*, contains less than 2% of cumin*, sea salt, garlic powder*, ancho chile*, lime juice concentrate*, onion powder*, cayenne pepper*

*certified organic ingredients

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  • A perfect bone broth and treat for your mouth

    OMG, I love this soup and I am always trying to get it on sale. Which is not real often. this is a very good soup. It is Hot plus has the subtle flavors of chicken and coconut. Words fail me. ~ Hardy (verified buyer)

  • Amazing flavor!!!!!! New pantry staple

    Sooooo delicious - wow! Can’t recommend highly enough. I’m usually a bit skeptical of packaged broth as I normally make my own because it has a richer flavor. ~ Molly (verified buyer)

  • Finally, a good tasting bone broth!

    I have tried to like bone broth for years. I have tried brand after brand and flavor after flavor. I would basically have to force myself to get it down because it's so "healthy." I can't believe I finally found one that's actually delicious!!!! ~ Tiffany (verified buyer)

Organic Bone Broth

Come for the nutrient-rich broth. Stay for the hell-yeah, crazy-good flavors. Heat and sip 'em solo, use them as a soup base or create something entirely new.

be yourself, in the kitchen & in life

Founder Fred Haberman created Freak Flag Organics because he's passionate about nuturing self-expression and creativity—especially in cooking. It’s why we only make USDA-certified organic foods packed with unique flavors. In the mix are broths and pestos that provide plenty of inspiration to dish up what suits you.

Freak Flag Organics believes in self-expression for better human understanding and connection. We dedicate 1% of our annual net revenue to those who inspire self-expression in youth music, art and culinary education.