Think inside the box

Build a sixer and you’ll be more than set for meal planning, impromptu get-togethers and whatever else comes your way.


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The Future of Food Is Now

Twin Cities-based founder Fred Haberman—an agent for change in the good-food movement for over 20 years—has dedicated his life to being curious, being himself and pursuing his passions to make the world more sustainable, delicious and fun.

Fred Haberman

That’s Where Freak Flag Foods Comes In

Freak Flag Foods is an invitation to inspire imagination and creativity. It’s a rallying cry for anyone and everyone to express themselves by getting carried away in the kitchen.

Fred and Mary Jane

In collaboration with veteran local chef Mary Jane Miller, who has crafted these delightfully unique and full-flavored organic master sauces—as well as some tasty recipes—the possibilities of what you can whip up are as easy as they are endless.

So, go on, and be yourself in the kitchen and in life. We can’t wait to see what you cook up.